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Mayor's Recognition Award

Fine and Performing Arts

CACO Mayor's Recognition Award Congratulations.png

Dr. James Bicigo

Dr. Bicigo's exceptional contributions as a professional musician, conductor, arranger and composer have significantly enriched the cultural fabric of our community and left a lasting impact on individuals throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta. Jim’s ability to arrange music for a variety of instruments and composing for diverse groups necessitates a profound comprehension of musical theory, instrumentation, and arrangement techniques. This talent holds immense value in the realms of music production, performance, and composition alike. He has volunteered countless hours of his time arranging music to match the instrumentation available. Jim's adeptness at tailoring music to different settings and instrumentation undoubtedly renders him a versatile and highly sought-after musician across various contexts. As the founding member of The Central Alberta Chamber Orchestra, Dr. Bicigo has exhibited visionary leadership, fostering a distinctive and vibrant musical environment within our community. The Central Alberta Chamber Orchestra emerged in 2022 as an evolution of the Central Alberta Chamber Players and Trio Brio, which Bicigo also established. Beyond their main concert series, the orchestra hosts a variety of small ensemble performances and children-themed concerts throughout the season. Dr. Bicigo's primary objective is to craft musical experiences that engage and inspire our community. ​Furthermore, as a sessional faculty member at Burman University, Dr. Bicigo has made significant contributions to music education. He has recruited music students into the program and established a University band, the Camerata Wind Ensemble. ​Additionally, he initiated the inaugural Burman Invitational Honour Band, bringing together bands from all across Alberta, as well as organizing a final concert which included community players young and old alike, further demonstrating his commitment to nurturing musical talent and fostering a passion for music among students of our communities. Dr. Bicigo's exceptional talent, unwavering commitment to friends and family, leadership, and boundless enthusiasm have not only elevated the musical experiences of audiences and performers but have also fostered a sense of unity and pride within our community. His dedication to excellence in education is evident through his exemplary academic achievements, including a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Performance on trombone from Michigan State University, a Master of Music in Music Education from Western Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Music with Distinction in Music Education/Music Performance from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Moreover, Dr. Bicigo's numerous accolades, including the Contributor of the Month from Red Deer College and various Excellence in Teaching Awards from the College of Liberal Arts, exemplify his outstanding contributions to education and the arts. His professional career accomplishments further underscore his expertise and dedication to his craft, including his roles as Music Director/Conductor/Arranger and composer for the Central Alberta Chamber Orchestra and his involvement with various orchestras and ensembles across North America. ​Dr. James Bicigo's unwavering dedication to the arts and his profound impact on our community make him a highly deserving recipient of this prestigious recognition. He exemplifies the spirit of artistic excellence and community engagement that the Mayor's Recognition Award celebrates.

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